Tiverton Town Twinning Association

Contact: Mrs. M. Bowers
Telephone: 01884 255811
Or telephone: 01884 254260
Membership: Open to anyone who lives in or near to Tiverton in Devon

Tiverton Town Twinning Association was formed to promote friendship and understanding between Tiverton and its two twin towns of Hofheim, in Germany and Chinon in France. Both Hofheim and Chinon are twinned with each other, hence a triangular relationship. The association has a committee which organises affairs and official visits are organised in alternate years. Visitors stay in the home of twinners in the host country at no cost on a reciprocal basis. A programme of activities and entertainment is provided for the guests.

Costs are generally met by both the Tiverton Town Twinning Assocation and each individual who goes on a visit. Official gifts for the people of Chinon and Hofheim are partly funded by the Town Council and to contribute towards entertaining their visitors. However a majority of funding is raised by events held by the association and organised by the committee. Travelling expenses are paid by visitors and and civic representatives.

Membership is open to anyone who lives in or near to Tiverton in Devon.

Chinon - France

Chinon straddles the River Vienne just a few miles east of where it joins the River Loire and is situated approximately 25 miles south west of Tours.

Approaching the town by road, on the hill, one sees the inspiring château Chinon which was built in 954. Henry Plantagenet lived there and it is thought that Richard the Lionheart probably died there. Members of the Knoghts Templar were imprisoned there awaiting trial and execution.

The town has charming medieval streets with half-timbered and sculpted houses. The town is synonymous with Joan of Arc. It was from Chinon that Joan set out on her ill-fated journey.

Hofheim - Germany

Hofheim, a small suburb of Frankfurt, has been twinned with Tiverton since 1980 and with Chinon since1967. Hofheim am Taunus (as it is officially known) is the administrative centre of the main-Taunus district which is in the southern part of the state of Hesse.

The Twinning Association are currently involved in a project with Tiverton High School to build a website and design a brochure for the association. We will keep you informed of this project as it progresses and post the URL of the website once it's built.