Tiverton Radio Controlled Car Club

Organisation: Tiverton Radio Controlled Car Club
Track venues: Heazle Arena, Somerset & Burlescombe, Tiverton, Devon
Chairman: Chris Rowcliffe:
Secretary: Gary Simmons Email:
Website: Tiverton Radio Controlled Car Club

Tiverton Radio Controlled Car Club race at 2 different venues at Burlescombe and Heazle and they cater for various types of racing.

Radio controlled cars

The Club races 1/10th Electric Buggies, 1/18th Electric Buggies, Mardaves, 1/10th Touring Cars, 1/8th Rallycross & 1/8th Truggies. With a dedicated team working behind the scenes, plus a full AMB timing which will run Personal Transponders, they also have handout transponders for those who don't have there own. There is also a public address system.

The club has succesfully held 1/10th scale Nationals & Regionals & in 2009 held a round of the 1/8th Rallycross Nationals. Further race dates are on the website above.

Paul Broom (the Club Chairman) says the Tiverton Radio Controlled Car Club enjoys:

  • A good and interesting all weather track

  • A good rostrum

  • A good timekeeping hut

  • Toilet facilities

  • A good timing system

  • Good parking

  • Well run and organised meetings

  • Good website getting better all the time.

  • A good PA system