Tiverton Harriers Athletic Club (Seniors)

Organisation: Tiverton Harriers Athletic Club
Meeting points & times (seniors): In the Winter me meet on a Tuesday night at 18.15 hrs and Thursday night at 18.00 hrs at Heathcoat Factory Westexe, Tiverton. During the summer some of the training involves speed work on the Track at either Blundellís or Tiverton High School sports fields, but these are subject to availability of the track.
Tuesday night training concentrates on speed or Hill work of varying distances and terrain whereas Thursday nights are more for different distance runs. These are usually divided into 4, 6 or 8 mile runs.
General Secretary: Rory Carr: email: , telephone: 01398 341791
Membership Secretary John Dean: email:
Website: Tiverton Harriers Athletic Club (Seniors)
Fees & membership Membership for a Year with EA registraion costs £25 and without £15 and is due end of March.

Tiverton Harriers Athletic Club (Seniors) has two groups, the Senior section, which starts at ages 18 plus. All abilities considered.

Also if you fancy being an Athletic Coach, we could see how you perform and then put you in for a coaching course, if you meet the standard which we are looking for.

If you join within the year please discuss with the coaches on how much you pay.